surface processes research group



March 2014: Pico-hydro for science! Check out the video made during installation of a new pico-hydropower generator to power the instrument array at the Porter Creek Project.


principal investigator:

    Stephen lancaster,

    Associate Professor

College of Earth, Ocean,

    and Atmospheric sciences,

Oregon State University

Welcome to the web site of the Surface Processes Research Group at Oregon State University. We hope you will find the contents useful and informative. Please contact Stephen Lancaster for more information.

Published in Quaternary Science Reviews, March, 2014:

Frueh, W.T., and Lancaster, S.T., 2014. Correction of deposit ages for inherited ages of charcoal: Implications for sediment dynamics inferred from random sampling of deposits on headwater valley floors, Quaternary Science Reviews, 88., doi: 10.1016/j.quascirev.2013.10.29 Author-prepared copy.

On Aug. 22, 2013, Josh Laughlin and Cameron Derbyshire of Cascadia Wildlands led Rachael McDonald of KLCC Eugene and Stephen Lancaster on a trip to the Devil’s Staircase, the star attraction of a proposed wilderness area in the Oregon Coast Range. The video combines footage from the trip by Lancaster with an edited version of McDonald’s story for KLCC (Listen to the full story):