Please consider the following self-help GIS resources:

  1. Send your question to the OSU Campus listserve (you don't need to be subscribed)
    To subscribe to the gisusers list CLICK HERE

  2. Don't forget about the desktop documentation that comes with the software, or ArcGIS Desktop Help Online. The documentation is quite complete and often holds the answers to common questions if students will take the time and initiative to look there.

  3. Try the Esri Knowledge Base and Support Center

  4. Check out the ArcGIS Desktop Tutorials or the Esri YouTube Channel

  5. Several Esri web-based short courses in ArcGIS are free to OSU students, faculty and staff. For a list of courses, and who to contact for a course registration code (if the course is not free to the public already), please see Esri Virtual Campus. Please use your ONID email address when contacting the support people for a course registration code!

  6. Try the GIS Cookbook or the University of Arkansas Libraries' ArcGIS Tutorials

  7. ArcUser Online (

  8. Anyone can order Esri documentation at a 30% discount via our site license. See These are great long-term resources, if you need hardcopy.

  9. Also, the College of Forestry has a GIS help desk and tips page:

  10. Dawn has also put together a couple of GIS resource pages for self-help:

    It will take a while to search through them, but hopefully they will be of great help.

  11. Also, the Valley Library has ArcGIS Desktop installed on the computers in the Learning Commons. Contact the librarians in the Valley Library, 3rd floor map room for more information.