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Gosnell, Hannah

Associate Professor

Office:  202D Wilkinson Hall
Phone:  541.737.1222
Fax:      541.737.1200
Email:   gosnellh@geo.oregonstate.edu

Rural geography, natural resource management, the U.S. West

Research Interests:

Drivers and consequences of rural land use change, water resource management, climate change, agricultural
landscapes, environmental governance, social-ecological resiliency


B.A. American Civilization
Brown University, 1988
M.A. Geography
University of Colorado, Boulder, 1995
Ph.D. Geography
University of Colorado, Boulder, 2000


GEO 420/520 - Geography of Resource Use
GEO 423/523 - Land Use in the American West
GEO 452/552 - Principles and Practices of Rural Resource Planning
GEO 515 - History & Philosophy of Geography
GEO 599 - Managing for Ecosystem Services

Recent Publications

Abrams, J., H. Gosnell, N. Gill and P. Klepeis. In press. Environmental implications of amenity migration: An international literature review. Conservation and Society.

Nabhan, G., L. Lopez-Hoffman, C. Presnall, R. Knight, J. Goldstein, H. Gosnell, L. Gwin, D. Thilmany and S. Charnley. In press. How diversifying incomes to ranches and community forests via payments for ecosystem services may help keep working landscapes intact and functioning. In S. Charnley and T. Sheridan (eds.), Saving the Wide Open Spaces. Tucson: University of Arizona Press.

Abrams, J., and H. Gosnell. In press. The politics of marginality: Contesting the production of landscapes of consumption. Journal of Rural Studies.

Gosnell H., N. Robinson Maness and S. Charnley. 2011. Engaging ranchers in market-based approaches to climate change mitigation: Opportunities, challenges, and policy implications. Rangelands 64(6):

Gosnell, H., N. Robinson Maness and S. Charnley. 2011. Profiting from the sale of carbon offsets: A case study of the Trigg Ranch. Rangelands 64(6):

Santelmann, M., H. Gosnell, and M. Meyers. 2011. Connecting children to the land: Place-based education in the Muddy Creek Watershed, Oregon. Journal of Geography 110(3): 91-106.

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Mendham, E., H. Gosnell, and A. Curtis. 2010. Agricultural land ownership change and natural resource management: Comparing Australian and U.S. case studies. In G. Luck, D. Race, R. Black (Eds.), Demographic Change in Australia's Rural Landscapes. New York: Springer, 388 pp.

Charnley, S., D. Diaz, and H. Gosnell. 2010. Mitigating climate change through small-scale forestry in the USA: Opportunities and challenges. Small-Scale Forestry 9(4): 445-462.

Gosnell, H., J. Kline, J. Duncan, and G. Chrostek. 2010. Is Oregon's land use planning program conserving forest and farm land? A systematic review of the evidence. Land Use Policy 28(1): 185-192. DOI 10.1016/j.landusepol.2010.05.012.

Gosnell, H. and E. Kelly. 2010. Peace on the river? Social-ecological restoration and large dam removal in the Klamath Basin, USA. Water Alternatives 3(2): 362-383.

Gosnell, H., and J. Abrams, 2009. Amenity migration: Diverse conceptualizations of drivers, socioeconomic dimensions, and emergng challenges. GeoJournal DOI 10.1007/s10708-009-9295-4.

Robbins, P., K. Meehan, H. Gosnell, and S. Gilbertz. 2009. Writing the New West: A Critical Review. Rural Sociology 74(3): 356-382.

Diaz, D., S. Charnley, and H. Gosnell. 2009. Engaging western landowners in climate change mitigation: a guide to carbon-oriented forest and range management and carbon market opportunities. Gen. Tech. Rep. PNW-GTR-801. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. 81 pp.

Gosnell, H. 2009. Healing with Howls: Rewilding the Southern Rockies. In: P.N. Limerick, A. Cowell, and S.K. Collinge (eds.), Remedies for a New West: Healing Landscapes, Histories, and Cultures. Tucson, AZ: University of Arizona Press, pp. 134-152.

Gosnell, H., J.H. Haggerty, and P. Byorth. 2007. Ranch ownership change and new approaches to water resources management in Southwestern Montana: Implications for fisheries. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 43(4): 990-1003.

Gosnell, H., J.H. Haggerty and W.R. Travis. 2006. Ranchland ownership change in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, 1990-2001: Implications for conservation. Society and Natural Resources 19(8): 743-758.

Gosnell, H., G. Preston, W. Travis. 2006. Socioeconomics: Impacts and Adaptation. In: J. Katzenberger (ed.), Climate Change and the City of Aspen: As Assessment of Impacts and Potential Responses. Aspen, CO: Aspen Global Change Institute, pp. 57-81.

Gosnell, H. and W.R. Travis. 2005. Ranchland ownership dynamics in the Rocky Mountain West. Rangeland Ecology and Management 58:191-198.

Gosnell, H. 2001. Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act and the art of compromise: The evolution of a Reasonable and Prudent Alternative for the Animas-La Plata Project. Natural Resources Journal 41(3): 561-626.

Gosnell H. 1997. Water for the New West. In W.E. Riebsame, H. Gosnell, D.M. Theobald (eds.), Atlas of the New West: Portrait of a Changing Region. New York: W.W. Norton, pp. 80-93.

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Theobald, D.M., H. Gosnell, and W.E. Riebsame. 1996. Land use and landscape change in the Colorado mountains II: A case study of the East River Valley. Mountain Research and Development 16(4): 407-418.

Graduate Students

Paulekas, Robyn, MS 2010
Fostering Social-Ecological Resilience in the Upper Klamath Basin: The National Riparian Service Team's Creeks & Communities Strategy as an Emerging Model for Government in Adaptive Co-Management

Duncan, Jim, MS 2010
The Effects of Alternative Future Development Scenarios on Ecological Patterns and Social-Ecological Resilience in Central Oregon

Baker, Jeff, MS 2010
A Spatial Assessment of Conservation Opportunities in the Willamette River Floodplain Between Corvallis and Albany, Oregon

Straus, Emily, MS 2008
Incorporating an "Environment and Society" Geography Curriculum into Field-Based Environmental Education at The Mountain Institute, West Virginia.