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Geography Matters

Geographic Information Systems Day
at Oregon State University!

Proclamation by Governor Kulongoski (pdf)

OSU celebrated GIS Day early this year on WEDNESDAY, November 4, 2009. Normally GIS Day is in the middle of National Geography Awareness Week, the third week of November.

GIS Day is a global event, with the goal of educating millions of children and adults about how geography makes a difference in our lives through GIS. On this special day, more than 2,000 schools and organizations host GIS Day events in 90 countries all over the world.

A GIS, or geographic information system, is the computer software, data, and solutions that are used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide in education, research, government, education, and business. Learn more!

OSU's GIS Day activities have been sponsored over the years by the Department of Geosciences, the Department of Forest Ecosystems & Society (in conjunction with the USDA Forest Service and the USGS), and the OSU Valley Library. Prior events have included the participation of 400-500 students, teachers, and parents each year from Linus Pauling, Cheldelin, and Lincoln Middle Schools, as well as classes from Pilgrim Lutheran School in Beaverton and Jefferson High School in Portland. In addition, students from Corvallis High School have helped to lead the middle-schoolers on their GPS hikes.

This year we celebrated our 10th anniversary of holding GIS Day events with a special program:

(1a) A Thank You to the Community

(1b) Retrospective Slide Show, High-Res

(2) Soft Launch of Oregon Spatial Data Library

(3) Keynote Address by Pete Giencke of Google

These videos also available on OSU's iTunes U
for your desktop, your iPod, or similar under
Sections --> Lectures and Courses --> Lecture Series

Thanks to all involved for the great GIS Day participation over the years!

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