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OSU ESRI Keycode &
Hardware Key Information
(Including Upgrades)

ESRI Site License Contract No. 2000S129


Keycodes (license files) can now be generated here on campus free of charge! Do not send keycode requests to ESRI. If you do, you'll have to pay. To get your keycode, please see the sections below to see what kind of information is required. Then send that information to College of Science Support so that they can generate a keycode for you.

You can either order your own sentinel hardware keys (hardware locks) or use keyless licensing (a new option for us!) for Windows machines (see instructions from COSINe). Once you receive your hardware key or would like to request a keyless license file (which requires installation of the keyless license manager), send the appropriate information to Amy so that you can get your keycode (or fill out the order form on the ESRI order page). The following information would need to be provided (* is required):

Keycodes cannot and will not be generated if the information submitted is incomplete.

Last updated: September 10, 2010

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