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ESRI Statewide Site License
Contract No. 2000S129

Important Site License Changes from ESRI:
June 2009

ESRI has added a clause to all site license agreements to permit faculty and staff to install any software product included in the ESRI Site License on their personally owned computer for use in education and research (i.e., not for your commercial ventures).

ESRI also will be adding the ArcGIS Server Geoportal extension, when it becomes available, to the list of software products included in our ESRI Site License. The extension helps develop geospatial portals and spatial data infrastructures with metadata catalogs. This product can be used for teaching, research, and administration. Please note that our site license agreement may need to be updated before the Geoportal extension can be shipped. ESRI will send me an updated agreement to sign, if necessary.

In addition, ESRI is upgrading the ArcGIS Student license, which provides one-year ArcGIS Student Edition licenses for use on students' personally owned computers. They have upgraded the software at the 9.3.1 release to ArcGIS ArcEditor and expanded the use to faculty and staff computers for educational use.

ESRI has upgraded the License Manager software for ArcGIS Desktop concurrent use products and ArcInfo Workstation; the updated version allows License Manager to work on a computer or server without a hardware key. The updated keyless License Manager will support all previously released ArcGIS Desktop 9.x and ArcInfo Workstation 9.x software, and is available at no cost from the ESRI Support Center site. Amy Donnelly will be able to generate the keyless keycodes from the ESRI site license Web application that she normally uses.

In other news, ESRI must modify the terms of use for ArcPad 8 software and data and the Tele Atlas data that comes with ArcLogistics software. Within 30 days from today, we must stop all administrative uses of ArcPad 8 software and data and the Tele Atlas data that comes with ArcLogistics software. Administrative use includes, but is not limited to, facilities management, student or alumni tracking, or other nonacademically related uses by staff conducting activities on behalf of the institution.

This may not be a problem for us as I don't know of anyone really using ArcLogistics or ArcPad 8 in these capacities at OSU.

We will continue to receive these two software and data products however. ArcPad 8 software and data and ArcLogistics with Tele Atlas data can continue to be used for teaching and research. ArcLogistics software may continue to be used for administrative purposes with other data we create or acquire; only the use of the Tele Atlas data with ArcLogistics for administrative purposes has been discontinued. For ArcPad, use of both the ArcPad software and ArcPad data for administrative purposes has been discontinued. We will have to acquire separate licenses of these products for administrative purposes.


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Last updated: June 6, 2009

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