Oregon State Funding of ESRI Site License GIS Graphic

Funding for the Oregon State Site License with ESRI

OSU participates in statewide contract #2000S129

Cost Share for Statewide License, 2008-present

Special thanks to Amy Donnelly, of the College of Science Information Network (COSINe) who coordinate the collection of renewal fees and the distribution of software. The matrix below reflects our participation in the statewide site license contract with ESRI, which includes PSU, U of O, OIT, SOU, WOU, EOU, OHSU, and a consortium of Oregon community colleges.
Unit Use % Approx. Cost
College of Ag. Sciences   25 $2507.35
COAS 9 $902.65
College of Forestry 32 $3209.41
College of Science 2 $200.59
College of Engineering 10 $1002.94
College of Liberal Arts 1 $100.29
HMSC 5 $501.47
Extension 4 $401.18
Facilities 1 $100.29
Valley Library 7 $702.06
Cascades Campus 4 $401.18
Information Services
(TRF Funds for student
labs across campus)
infinite? $7000
TOTAL   $17,029.40*
*The totals will soon be re-adjusted with EOU re-entering the statewide contract, and with the addition of the ArcGIS Data Interoperability Extension. There will also be an updated counted of student lab machines across campus on which ArcGIS is installed. That count will be used in the TRF proposal to cover ArcGIS student license cost for FY 2011.

Cost Share for Statewide License, 2005-2008

Special thanks to Lena Ferris, formerly of Network Services who has over the years coordinated the collection of renewal fees. The matrix below reflects our participation in the statewide site license contract with ESRI, which includes PSU, U of O, OIT, SOU, WOU, OHSU, and a consortium of Oregon community colleges.
Unit Use % Approx. Cost
College of Ag. Sciences 15.39 $1722
COAS 6.19 $693
College of Forestry 41.19 $4608
Department of Geosciences 12.71 $1422
College of Science 6.36 $711
College of Engineering 18.16 $2031
Information Services (TRF Funds) 31.32 $5000
TOTAL   $16,188*
*The total in 2007 was actually raised to $16,411 + a $492 OETC fee = $16,903 total, when EOU dropped out of the statewide contract.

Cost Share for Statewide License, 2002-2004

Special thanks to Chris Sinnett, formerly of Information Services, and now Lena Ferris of Network Services who have been coordinating the collection of renewal fees. The matrix below reflects our participation in the statewide site license contract with ESRI, which includes the smaller universities and community colleges, along with OSU, U of O, and PSU.
Unit Use % Approx. Cost
College of Ag. Sciences 10.57 $1688
COAS 4.25 $679
College of Forestry 28.29 $4516
Department of Geosciences 8.73 $1394
College of Science 4.36 $697
College of Engineering 12.47 $1991
Information Services 31.32 $5000
TOTAL   $15,965

Cost Share for 2001-'02 License

Special thanks to Jan Galloway of Information Services who coordinated the collection of renewal fees. The matrix below reflects our participation in the statewide site license contract with ESRI, which includes the smaller universities and community colleges, along with OSU, U of O, and PSU.
Unit Use Percentage Cost
College of Ag. Sciences 10.74 $1776
COAS 4.32 $714
College of Forestry 28.74 $4752
Department of Geosciences 8.87 $1467
College of Science 4.43 $733
College of Engineering 12.67 $2095
Information Services 30.24 $5000
TOTAL   $16,537

Cost Share for 2000-'01 License

Special thanks to Jan Galloway of Information Services who coordinated the collection of renewal fees. Under the leadership of Aileen Buckley at U of O, Oregon will now have a statewide site license contract with ESRI, which will include the smaller universities and community colleges along with OSU, U of O, and PSU. This new agreement means a lower cost than last year. Information Services will be contributing the same amount as last year, so the cost to the other departments will be even lower. With this contribution and the new contract, the cost to departments will be approximatley 78% of last year's. The price matrix:

Unit Licenses Base Use Share 1999-'00 Cost 2000-'01 Cost
College of Ag. Sciences 14 $500 $2579 $3079 $2386
COAS 4 $500 $737 $1237 $959
College of Forestry 42 $500 $7737 $8237 $6382
Department of Geosciences 12 $333 $2211 $2544 $1972
College of Science 6 $167 $1105 $1272 $986
College of Engineering 17 $500 $3132 $3632 $2815
Information Services 6 $5000 $0 $5000 $5000
TOTAL       $25,001 $20,500

Cost Share for 1999-'00 License, Contract No. 95S1642
(in effect since Sept. 1, 1996)

Special thanks again to Sherm Bloomer, Interim Dean of the College of Science

ESRI continues to be the principal supplier of GIS software and utilities for the OSU campus. We are using their software in dozens of labs on campus and in many of the large teaching labs. Currently there are well over a 1000 copies of various ESRI software products on campus, representing a value of well over $200,000. There have been discussions about centrally funding this, and other, site licenses on campus, but this is not going to be an option in the near future. Last year's cost-share structure was used because of the two categories of products that the site license provides:

Some discussions last year made it clear that the "base" cost above was really out of proportion to the use. The principal use for the Colleges was the investment in the research, annual license limited, UNIX and NT copies. The 1999-2000 cost-share has been reworked assuming that:

This approach does significantly change the cost for some units, but does more accurately spread the costs to the principal users. It is proposed that each College and IS provide an index number which can be passed on to purchasing. If the College wishes to spread those costs to individual PIs or Departments, that accounting should be done within the College. Attempting to coordinate payments from dozens of PIs will prevent the invoicing from being completed in time and the site license will founder.

The proposed charges for 1999-2000 are:

Unit Base % Use Use Share Total
Information Services $5000 5 -- $5000
College of Science $500 12 (Geosci)
6 (Others)
$2211 (Geosci)
College Forestry $500 42 $7737 $8237
College of Engineering $500 17 $3132 $3632
College of Ag. Sciences $500 14 $2579 $3079
COAS $500 4 $737 $1237
TOTAL $7,500 100% $17,501 $25,001

Cost Share for 1998-'99 License

Unit Base % Use Use Share Voluntary Total
Information Services $5000 -- -- -- $5000
College of Science $2500 15 (Geosci)
6 (Others)
$900 (Geosci)
$1500 (Geosci) $5260
College Forestry $2500 30 $1800 -- $4300
College of Engineering $2500 28 $1680 -- $4180
College of Ag. Sciences $2500 13 $780 -- $3280
COAS $2500 8 $480 -- $2980
TOTAL $17,500 100 $6000 $1500 $25,000

Brief History of OSU Site License Funding

$25,000 is required annually in order to keep our site license agreement in effect. In the original version of a 1996 proposal submitted by Dawn Wright and Marcia Brett to the Vice Provost of Research & International Programs, the Associate Provost of Information Services, and the Deans of various colleges, the following funding distribution for support of the contract was suggested:

Information Services $5000/year
Colleges (in a proportion to be determined): $5000/year
Research Office $15000/year

Even though we have discovered that 70% of campus-wide usage of ESRI products is research-related, the Research Office maintains a policy of not committing to recurring costs of any kind.

Initial Renewal for 1997-'98

To the best of our knowledge, the campus installed approximately $200,000 worth of software in 1996-'97 under the site license. Based on Dawn Wright's records, the following are the number of research installations per College in 1996-'97 (licenses for various products on individual machines):

Agriculture: 113
Engineering: 259
Science: 151 (136 of which were in Geosciences)
COAS: 50
Forestry: 281
Biological Computing Consortium: 40

Biological Computing Consortium is made up of 10 departments, mostly in the College of Science.

The department of Geosciences is a major user of the license and has a huge investment in GIS. In recognition of that, and in light of the Research Office's policy on recurring costs, Sherm Bloomer, Chair of Geosciences, provided $2500 from department funds to support the license renewal for 1997-'98. He also proposed allocating the remaining costs to units based on their use of the license, as reflected in the installations noted above (less the Geosciences number for the College of Science). This is how the $25,000 cost was shared for the 1997-'98 site license:

Department Original Plus Use
Information Services $7500/year 0 7500
Research Office $7500/year 0 0
College of Science $2000/year 100 2100
College Forestry $2000/year 1955 3955
College of Engineering $2000/year 1805 3805
College of Ag.Sciences $2000/year 790 2790
COAS $2000/year 350 2350
Dept. of Geosciences 2500
TOTAL $25,000 25,000

Dawn Wright's Original Proposal to the Deans and Provosts for the 1997-'98 Site License
(First Submitted April 14, 1996)


In getting the site license off the ground, there was some agreement that it is just this diversity that would make for somewhat of a logistic/administrative nightmare if we had individual units chip in. The funding structure for the site license is based on the University of South Carolina's model of *centralized* funding. ESRI considers their campus to be the "model campus" for GIS site licenses due to the success of their program. In their experience, S. Carolina has found it appropriate and successful to allocate moneys from indirect cost accounts within their Division of Research. This assures that the $25,000 per year benefits all the departments, both large and small. They caution that fragmented funding (i.e., individual departments chipping in toward the $25,000) leaves some dangerous implications for future growth. Without this stability, it is too difficult to meet the demands of a recurring annual cost.

At any rate, our funding request for this year is still a scenario where the colleges contribute most of the support:

Information Services $7500/year
Research Office $7500/year
College of Science $2000/year
College of Forestry $2000/year
College of Engineering $2000/year
College of Agricultural Sciences $2000/year
College of Oceanic & Atmospheric Sciences $2000/year

These are the colleges that have a vested interest in GIS and/or may have the most users of the software.


Campus usage at this time is estimated to be 70% research, 30% instructional.

Below is a listing of departments that are current, active users of the site license. The number following the department name is the estimated number of users (NOT actual licenses) for the products they have ordered under the site license. The names that follow the numbers are the faculty or staff who have ordered on behalf of their user base of researchers/students/staff/faculty, etc.

Agricultural & Resource Economics - 12 - Boggess, Garber-Yonts, Mooney (Garber-Yonts & Mooney are grad students)
Biological Computing Consortium - 40 - Krokum
Bioresource Engineering - 16 - Chen, Marks
Botany and Plant Pathology - 1 - Hanus
CBARC - 2 - Greenwalt
Civil Engineering - 23 - Huber, McDougal, Schultz, Vinson
COAS - 30 - Sears, Good, MRM grad students
College of Engineering - 213 - Reynales
College of Forestry - 172 - Klopsch
Computer Science - 7 - Langford
Crop & Soil Sciences - 36 - Brett
Entymology - 7 - Coop, Wold
ERSAL - 3 - Lawrence, Ripple
Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center - 2 - Cruz
Fisheries & Wildlfie - 25 - Bayley, Guild
Forestry Science Lab - 102 - Acker, Cunningham, Johnson, Greswell, Huang, Johnson, Mehlman, Larson, Lienkaemper, McIntosh, Pabst, Smith, Starkey, Stream Team
Forest Research Lab - 2 - Love
Geosciences - 136 - Bloomer, Clark, Dilles, Frenkel, Grunder, Kimerling, Lawrence, Niem, Pease, Rosenfeld, Sahr, Wright, Yeats
Hatfield Marine Science Center - 10 - Berkeley, Creech, Geisler, Reno
Horticulture - 6 - Ludwig
Klamath Station - 1 - Chilcote
Oregon Climate Service - 8 - Taylor
Pauling Papers, Valley Library - 3 - Krishnamurthy
NWREC - 4 - Friedkin
Political Science - 2 - Banducci
Public Health - 2 - Neumann
Radiation Center - 7 - Erwin Torne (grad student researcher)
Radiation Safety - 1 - Harlan
Rangeland Resources - 22 - Johnson
Statistics - 2 - Russ
Seed Certification Program - 8 - Shafabakhsh
Zoology - 6 - Menge
Valley Library - 64 - Miller, Mosley, Stillinger (Information Services), Holly Smith (Valley Computing Facilty)

Department chairs need to continue to strongly encourage their Deans as well as Information Services, to monetarily support this worthy effort or the site license contract, and all the opportunities for advancement that it brings to the OSU campus, will go away!

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