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Software and Extensions Available to Us on the Site License | Video
As an EDC, we also have 5 EDN Subscription Sets
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For help obtaining software (or free Esri data CDs), contact our software license coordinator College of Science Support, or use the online request form.
For EDN requests, please contact Kuuipo Walsh.

Virtual Campus Courses

Student Version of ArcGIS

ArcGIS and the Macintosh

Important Notes on Campus-Wide Software Distribution

Here are some issues that you should be aware of before downloading software:


ArcGIS will run effectively on Intel-based Macs using either VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop on Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) and higher. VMWare Fusion or Parallels will pose an additional cost. ArcGIS software has been known to work on the older G4 or G5 Macs, running Jaguar (Mac OS 10.2), Panther (10.3), or Tiger, by way of Virtual PC (but you'll need good karma and some magic pixie dust).

For additional information, see this page on the Esri Education Community portal ( And for GIS software completely native to the Macintosh, see


Student Versions of ArcGIS

Many, if not most, students at OSU who take a lecture/lab GIS course either on campus or via distance ed. now receive a student version of ArcGIS DVD as a special "perk," thanks to the completeness and generosity of our site license (i.e., the DVD that you receive in class is easily worth $20,000). That license is good for one year after activation on one's laptop. Students should please note that this is a one-time-only arrangement to assist them with initial access. Students should not expect to receive renewal copies indefinitely into the future when this initial license runs out. GIS software access beyond the initial GIS course should be met by using the various installs of ArcGIS that are available throughout the OSU campus and Valley Library. Or students may purchase their own student ArcGIS DVD.
      OSU students may also request a digital delivery of the student version of ArcGIS by ordering a copy from the COSINe Software Coordinator. Use the form below to request access to download and install Esri software: ArcGIS License Request.
      OSU students may also purchase their own copies of the student version of ArcGIS 10 or ArcGIS 10.1, plus extensions, at a greatly reduced price direct from Esri. Esri offers a 1-year time-out license at a student price of $100 (includes ArcGIS with Spatial Analyst, Geostatistical Analyst, 3D Analyst, and Network Analyst extensions). Esri has recently upgraded the ArcGIS Student license, which provides one-year ArcGIS Student Edition licenses for use on students' personally-owned computers. And the ArcGIS license includes over 20 tutorials, as well as an Esri Data & Maps CD. Students must provide "Proof of Academic Standing" (which means either their schedule of classes or a copy of their paid tuition invoice). Contact Esri at 1-800-477-9778 or to place your order. Esri accepts all major credit cards.


Technical Support Issues

The first thing you should do is to contact your departmental computer administrator for assistance, or post your question to the campus Arc listserv, as many problems (including installation problems) can be quickly handled that way.

If that route fails, our Esri contract stipulates a campus-wide designation of 3 individuals who are authorized to call Esri tech support for serious problems with site license software (i.e., corrupted software, possible bugs in software, NOT just for general queries as to how best to use or install the software). These representatives are encouraged to take technical training from Esri (at 40% off the list price) and will be able to attend the annual user conference free of charge. As of now our tech support people are:

Matt Gregory for the Forestry community
Curt Onstott for the Crop and Soil Science/Ag community
TBD for the CEOAS/Science/Engineering community

Kuuipo Walsh is the Tech Support Contact for the Esri Development Center or EDC (including receiving and distributing Esri Developer Network (EDN) software).

When contacting these people to open a tech support request, please fully describe not only the software product that you are using (including version #) and the problem, but also:

There are other alternatives that may take a tremendous burden off the 3 technical support specialists. Oftentimes users bypass Esri technical support altogether and consult:

Esri's comprehensive Support Center
as well as OSU's help page -

Thorough answers return very quickly and are often more helpful than an overloaded Esri technical support team can deliver anyway. OSU campus users should investigate these possibilities.

The following people are also authorized to issue Virtual Campus registrations for GIS Technology courses:

Forestry and the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences are currently the biggest users of Esri software so it makes sense that someone from those departments plays a role. It's expected that, as with other widely-used software on campus, questions to these 3 people should not come randomly from anyone or everyone, but should go through a channel where each department or unit has a person to deal with local questions, and only those people would call the 4 "specialists". Under the terms of the site license agreement, software support and maintenance services are provided by Esri on an annual basis. This includes technical support by telephone, regular software updates and new releases, documentation changes and updates, electronic mail service, quarterly newspapers, and the opportunity to participate in Esri's annual User Conference, as well as regional user group meetings.

Dawn's Site License Cookbook (i.e., who does what)


GIS Education and Training Tips

Okay, now that you have access to all this wonderful GIS software perhaps some of you are wondering how in the world do you go about USING it? Here are some suggestions:

Esri Instructional Series Podcasts - The newest pay way to get free Esri Training.

ArcGIS Desktop Tutorials

ArcGIS SHORT COURSES - Applications in Natural Resources - offered at various times by Michael Wing of Forest Engineering via OSU Continuing Education.

Esri offers a myriad of short courses too, on most of their products. The closest regional training centers are:

Get more details on the web or call 909-793-2853, extension 1585. These courses are usually very, very expensive, but at least we get 40% off the list price under the site license (specify our customer #220417).

Esri E-Learning Web Courses

Esri has several web-based short courses in ArcGIS and several application areas!! Several web-based courses are free to OSU students, faculty and staff!!! These courses may be completed in as little time as 2 days to 2 weeks. These are NOT courses for university credit. They are continuing education, short courses, meant to supplement or introduce you to basic GIS software skills. This guide is an aid for educators who want to use Esri web-based offerings as part of their own university courses. Listed offerings are available as of late July 2017.

Many e-Learning resources in Esri's catalog are open to everyone. These resources are indicated with the “FREE” label. To take any of the free e-Learning resources, you simply need to login with your Esri Account.
Note: For web courses that are not free, you will need an ArcGIS Online account connected to OSU. Request access from your ArcGIS Online administrator, in order to receive unlimited access to Esri's Self-Paced E-Learning:

ArcGIS Training

There are several training and reference books available for SELF-PACED training. You can order this and similar books from Esri at a reduced rate under the site license (specify our customer #220417).

Order ArcGIS Documentation.

SELF-PACED training is available via the Esri Virtual Campus:

In addition, you can often get a year's worth of training by taking ONE WEEK to attend the Annual Esri Users Conference. Their workshops and paper sessions are hard to beat. And you can chat with real-life technical specialists at the conference's "Doctor's Office." Not to mention that the conference is always loads of fun! The conference is always held in sunny San Diego in the summer. Info is on the web.

Courses for OSU Students


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