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Alumni Updates Class of 1980 - 1989

Craig D. Batchelder (BS Geology 1983)
Lives in Carmel, Calif., with his wife Annette and their 6 year old son Matthew. Craig is a Commander in the US Navy and is currently completing an MBA degree. He traded emails a few years ago with Bob Foote (BS Geol 1983), an old Wilkinson Hall mate and workout partner, who was living in the Denver area. CDBatch@ aol.com. (2005)


David Bird (BS Geology 1983)
David Bird is working for the Colorado Geological Survey. (2004)

Kris Brooks (PhD Geography 1986)
Currently Lead Systems Engineer at Northrop Grumman Mission Systems on a subcontract with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. She and her husband Patrick Joyce live in Long Beach, Calif., and are still trying to keep up
with two teenagers, Michael a senior in high school who is in the process of applying to colleges, and Elizabeth a high school sophomore. She and Pat are not considering retirement any time soon. Kris.Brooks@ngc.com. (2005)

David Carnahan (BS Geology 1986)
Finished another BS degree at OSU in Business Administration and married his wife Gail Goodnough, OSU Bachelor of Fine Arts 1987. Resides in Tualatin, Ore., and worked with Ashland Chemical for a decade, covering the Pacific Northwest and the Rockies in chemical sales distribution. In 1998 opened a new branch for Canadian specialty chemical distributor LV Lomas Ltd in Portland and Seattle. In 2002 opened a warehouse in Denver for the company and currently is responsible for sales and marketing throughout the western US. He and his wife have become quite supportive of Beaver football and basketball and attend many games. Go Beavs! dcarnahan@lvlomas.com. (2006)


Michael Collins (BS Geology 1987)
Currently living in Anchorage, AK. Michael is single with four sons, Chris, Matt, Kyle and Colby. He is an account manager with RS Medical, Inc. selling and marketing non-invasive and invasive electrotherapy devices to a variety of physicians throughout the state of Alaska. (2004)

Elizabeth Cox (BS Geography 1987)
Working as a realtor for RE/MAX Equity Group. (2004)

Maya Elrick (MS Geology 1986)
After receiving her MS in 1986, she attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute for her PhD, working with J. Fred Read on Mississippian carbonates in Wyoming
and Montana. The day after she turned in her dissertation, she drove west to the University of New Mexico to start her academic career as an assistant professor and has been there ever since. She married in 1995 (Mark Boslough, physicist at Sandia Labs) and has a wonderful and curious daughter. Her research focuses on carbonate stratigraphy, paleoceanography, paleoclimatology, and paleoenvionment events in Earth history. dolomite@unm.edu. (2005)

Beverly Fahlstrom (MS Geology 1982)
Beverly and her husband, geologist Bruce Falkenstein, recently donated a subscription to the electronic versions of the publications of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists to OSU’s Valley Library. (2005)

Larry Freeman (MS Geology 1982)
After 22 years being a "tramp geologist", exploring and mining Alaska and elsewhere, Larry joined the Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys in 2000. He is overseeing development of a statewide geological database, accessed through www.dggs.dnr.state.ak.us and AkGeology.info. He also participated in geologic mapping projects in the Alaska Range and on the Seward Peninsula during the last two summers.   At home he and his wife Elizabeth have the empty nest syndrome -- their two sons are studying Philosophy at Reed College in Portland and boat building at the Landing School in Kennebunk, Maine. Alaskan adventures are always on the calendar, and Larry invites any classmates to visit and share in an "Alaskan" experience. (2006)


Bryan Grigsby (MS Geology 1986)
Brian and his wife Anne Dougherty (MS OSU 1984) and their two children have lived in Boulder, Colo., for the past 11 years, where Anne is Associate Chair of the Applied Math Department at the University of Colorado Boulder. Bryan is a hydrogeologist with S.S. Papadopulos & Associates. In addition to “normal” environmental contamination projects, his work has included quantifying stream depletion due to water production from coalbed methane wells and evaluating the risks of the geologic sequestration of carbon. The family loves the skiing, mountain biking, and backpacking in Colorado. bgrigsby@sspa.com. (2005)

Patrick A. Jackson (MS Geology 1981)
Since leaving OSU, has worked as a geologist and manager for Amoco Production Company, Basin Exploration Inc, and Stone Energy. His duties have taken him throughout the US, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. During 2003 he and
Beth started a small consulting/prospecting firm, Barjay Inc. He is focusing on the generation of oil and gas prospects in the southern and western US. In 2004 for approximately a year, he and his 23 year old son physically built their new home in Golden, Colo. They personally lifted and installed every constitutent piece of the structure and can proudly say that (as of today at least) everything works exactly as it should. barjay1@comcast.net. (2005)

Michael Lewis (MS Geography 1984)
Mike is Associate Professor of Geography and Director of Undergraduate Studies at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro. He teaches courses in earth science and environmental change, and recently published a paper on neighborhood reactions to the return of beaver to urban streams of the Southern Piedmont. He is currently planning a summer field trip to the Pacific Northwest for UNCG Geography students. Suggestions on places to see and stay are welcome! (2004)

Dorothy B. Marshall (BS Geology 1987)
Teaching Earth and Space Science, Horticulture, and Floral Design at a high school in Mukilteo, Washington . Dorothy married Mitchell B. Dodd in Early July of 2003. (2004)

Richard Marston (MS Geography 1976, PhD Geography 1980)
Since July 2005, Professor and Head, Department of Geography, Kansas State University. In 2006, Dick was named a University Distinguished Professor at KSU.   Since 1999, Dick has served as Co-Editor-in-Chief of the international Elsevier journal, Geomorphology. He was elected President of the Association of American Geographers for 2005-06 and in 2005 was elected as a Fellow in the American Association for the Advancement of Science. His wife, Linda (MS Geog 1977) works in the Government Documents Section of Hale Library at Kansas State University.  They are parents to a son, Bryce (born 1986, attending the University of Wyoming), and a daughter, Brooke (born 1990). rmarston@ksu.edu. (2005)

Terry J. Meehan (BS Geology 1987)
Assistant Professor of Biology, Chatham College, Pittsburgh, Penna. Got his Master’s in geology and PhD in biology at the University of Kansas. Recently published a big paper in the January 2005 Naturwissenschaften on repeating faunas and climatic cycles, including a cover illustration of hippo and hyena ecomorphs. He had Art Boucot for Evolution, and he certainly didn’t think then that his research on ecological evolutionary units would ever overlap with Art’s. His research specialty is fossil mammals (convergent evolution and climatic cycles), and his teaching specialty is human anatomy with cadavers. In 2003, he went to the Galapagos, and next time must scuba dive there. He’s on an ultimate frisbee team that’s going to the Ultimate Player’s Association National Championships. TMeehan@Chatham.edu. (2005)


Cindy Ricks Myers (MS Geology 1984)
Just celebrated 20 years in Gold Beach since she arrived to work for Siskiyou National Forest. Since 1997 has been consulting for the South Coast and Lower Rogue Watershed Councils, performing watershed monitoring and assessment
(more details at www.currywatersheds. org). Also, 1997 was the year she married
Steve Myers, and now they have a daughter in kindergarten. She’s the science club advisor for the middle school, as well as the genotypical soccer mom. ricks@currywatersheds.org. (2005)

Duane Nellis (MS Geography 1977, PhD Geography 1980)
Since June of 2004 I have been Provost at Kansas State University. I
returned to K-State after 7 years at West Virginia University as Dean of
Arts and Sciences. My wife, who also took classes at OSU in geosciences is now Director of Knowledge Resources at the National Institute for Strategic Technology, Acquisition, and Commercialization in Manhattan. During my time at
WVU, I also served as President of the Association of American Geographers (2002-2003). I am proud to be an alum of OSU and felt I had excellent experiences as a masters and Ph.D. student in geography. (2005)

Gary B. Sidder (PhD Geology 1985)
Changed careers in 1996 and now is a Certified Financial Planner and instructor in Metropolitan State College of Denver’s Personal Financial Planning Program. He is president of his own finanacial planning and money management firm Life Transition Planners. (2004)

David H. Steinbrugge, (BS Geology 1984)
Licensed mortgage broker with Stonebridge Mortgage Group. David and Ramona have been married for 13 years now. Pictured are David, Ramona, and their children. Sam is now 10 (two digits as he says) and Sarah is 7. (2004)


Len Stitt (MS Geology 1980)
Len lives with his wife Diane in Peshawar, Pakistan, where he heads the local office of a nongovernmental organization, Shelter Now Afghanistan. They are
now responding to the recent earthquake disaster in Kashmir. (2005)

Dale M. Timmons (BS Geology 1980)
Lives with his wife Pamela and youngest son in Issaquah, Wash. President of ARI Technologies, where by applying the principles of geochemistry and thermodynamics, Dale perfected a technology to convert asbestiform minerals into a nonhazardous asbestos-free product consisting of minerals such as olivine, wollastonite, and the pyroxenes. The patented EPA-permitted process takes place without melting the waste, reduces its volume by about 80%, and the treated product can be used as construction aggregate. ARI is in the final permit
process for building Europe’s first commercial asbestos destruction and recycling facility. It will process about 30 tons a day of asbestos waste. Other systems are in the planning stages in other parts of the world. The process has been further demonstrated to immobilize toxic metals and radionuclides for the US Department of Energy. Recent testing was also completed for the US Army, where the technology was adapted to recycle lead from lead-based paint at military demolition sites. Most of his asbestos work is conducted overseas, and the US still throws all of its asbestos waste into the ground. (2005)

Kenneth J. Yeats (BS Geology 1981)
Ken moved back to Houston in 2004 after a 5-year assignment with Caltex in Duri, Sumatra. He is now working in offshore Nigeria for Chevron. He and his wife Carolyn hosted an OSU fundraiser for the Robert Yeats Professorship in April. They have two children, Emma 18 and Ian 14, plus their pet Basenji named Cleo. They will have a Christmas family reunion at Sunriver, Ore. (2005)