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Alumni Updates Class of 1960 - 1969

Robert E. Bell (BS Geology 1962)
Retired since 2000, after 35 years as a petroleum geologist. Robert is now currently the owner, operator of LaCampana, Inc., an oil and gas exploration and production company. (2004)

Edward C. Beutner (BS Geology 1963)
Enormously enjoying living in Ashland, but the mountains of Wyoming still call for field work during the summer, although they seem to be getting a bit higher and steeper each year. His paper on the Heart Mountain Fault came out in the Geological Society of America Bulletin in May and got coverage in Geotimes and Natural History. He is now working on another one together with Tom Hauge of ExxonMobil in which they hope to complete the story of the origin and mechanisms of the Earth’s largest subaerial rockslide. He led a trip through the
area for a group from Caltech in August and gave a talk on it at Washington Univ in St. Louis in October. Between continuing to work on the project, trying to keep up with the local theater and music, teaching a course on geologic catastrophes, preparing one on the misuse of geology by Creation pseudoscientists in the program for retired folks at Southern Oregon University, and keeping the deer and bears out of the garden, retirement doesn’t seem to be a whole lot less busy than what preceded it. ebeutner@fandm.edu. (2005)

Richard Bewersdorff (BS Geography 1966)
Planning manager for the city of Tigard since 1991. (2003)

Katherine (Laing) Bladh (BS Geology 1969)
Teaching in the Geology Department at Wittenberg University in Springfield, OH. Katherine is currently an Associate Professor while her husband is a Provost, as well as a geologist. (2003)

Wallace Hibbard (BS Geography 1968)
Associate Regional Director of Park Operations and Education for Southeast Region National Park Service, which includes nine states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. (2003)

Dennis Kalhar (BS Geography 1966)
Passed away on February 23, 2002 as a result of pneumonia complicated by ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). (2002)

Richard A. Klecker (BS Geology 1969)
Rich just celebrated 25 years with Amoco and now BP. He is now 9 years into learning his way around the deepwater part of the Gulf of Mexico, and is currently awaiting the availability of a semisubmersible rig to drill in the Keathley Canyon protraction area. Last December he was fortunate enough to travel to South Africa to have a good look at the world-class Permian turbidite fan systems dramatically exposed in the Karoo Basin. Saw Bill Hanson (BS Geol 1971, PhD Geol 1976) at BP after his retirement last year. Rich and his wife hope to join
their daughter Tanya living in Portland in the next year or so. His son Travis will graduate from the University of Houston next spring. kleckera@bp.com. (2005)

George Sharp (MS Geology 1969)
George retired in 2002 from the Weyerhaeuser Company after 25 years as Director of Mineral Resources. He managed exploration and development for all
mineral commodities on Weyerhaeuser’s timberlands and mineral holdings in the US and Canada. Previously George worked for 8 years in oil and gas exploration as a frontier exploration geologist with Shell Oil and later as Division Geologist for Tenneco Oil in Denver. He is currently serving a 5-year term as a Trustee with the GSA Foundation, is a Trustee Associate with AAPG, a docent at the Forest Learning Center on Mount St Helens, and a member of the OSU Department of Geosciences Board of Advisors. George and Danielle travel extensively—their last trip was a month to the Cook Islands and New Zealand. They continue to live in the Puget Sound area and are in the process of remodeling their cabin at Zigzag on the flanks of Mount Hood. Their son Justin works for a nonprofit in Denver, and their daughter Audrey is teaching high school in Mukiteo, Wash. geosharp@comcast.net. (2005)

Ove F. “Van” VanJepmond (BS Natural Resources 1962)
Lives in Olympia, Wash., with his wife Carolan (a graduate of North Texas State). Van is busy in his third career field managing his real estate investments, and Carolan is busy with her interior design business. He is active with Rotary (Lacey Club) and will be attending the 2006 International Convention in Copenhagen, Denmark. vanjepmond@yahoo.com. (2005)

Daniel Vice (BS Geology 1967)
Teaching introductory geology and earth science courses at Penn State University (campuses of Hazleton and Schuylkill). He is also doing some research on Centralia, a town destroyed by a coal bed fire, and on the use of surface geochemistry for oil and gas exploration. (2003)